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Craft Fair Zip Chip Frisbee - Catching Game Flying Disc

▶️ THE NEW WAY TO PLAY - The Mini Frisbee is buoyant and ready to be played with at the beach or pool. ▶️ POCKET-SIZE - The Mini Frisbee is ultra portable. This enables spontaneous fun in never-before-played locations. ▶️ STABLE FLIGHT - This is what makes throwing and catching possible. Level release = level flight. Angled release = curved flight. That equates to predictable and accurate throws. ▶️ THROW-AND-CATCH - Works best as a game of throw-and-catch between two or more people. Start close to get dialed in and warmed up. Slowly spread out to really ramp up the fun. ▶️ PLAY CATCH - Play catch at short range for leisure or spread way out to test your skill.
How to Throw:Throwing the Chip is just like skipping a stone, except you're not trying to skip it. This means the Chip is designed to be thrown forehand, not backhand as you would a Frisbee.The more you throw the Chip the better you will get, and the more fun you'll have.Hold the Chip in your throwing hand with the domed side up.Place your index finger in the groove around the Chip's perimeter. The exact placement of your other fingers is less critical. The thumb may be on the top or edge.The remaining three fingers will be underneath the Chip. Experiment with different grips to maximize performance.Just remember that the grip should be gentle. Now you're ready to Zip It. Every successful throw combines the following two factors upon release: Spin and Angle. Spin: Maximizing spin will combat the enemy of the Chip; wobble. Generate spin by rolling the Chip off the index fingertip. Angle: The Chip must be released level for a straight flight. To do this, the forearm must be horizontal.One added tip: don't be afraid to zip it with some force. This will help you get the correct amount of spin. Size: 6.5x6.5x1.2cm - Material: Silica gel - Package includes: 1*Mini Frisbee
Price: £3.99
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Craft Fair Zip Chip Frisbee - Catching Game Flying Disc: Sports & Outdoors
Craft Fair Zip Chip Frisbee - Catching Game Flying Disc,Craft Fair
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