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Ambush Pro CARPET AND CLOTHES MOTH TRAPS. Toxin-Free, Sticky Pheromone Traps that attract and kill Carpet Moths and Clothes Moths. 7 Pack.

PROTECTS YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS FROM THE RISING PROBLEM OF CARPET AND CLOTHES MOTHS. TRAPS MOTHS TO PREVENT BREEDING CYCLES: Using female moth pheromones that are integrated into a glue board, male moths are attracted and then caught on the traps, preventing breeding cycles. This protects your expensive carpets/clothing and helps to give them the longest possible lifespan. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PHEROMONE LURE: Our traps attract the 2 species of moth that cause the most damage to homes and businesses. These are the Case Bearing (Tinea pellionella) and Common Clothes/Webbing ( Tineola bisselliella) moths. Our research has shown attempting to attract further species, such as Pantry moths reduces the effectiveness of the traps. EASY TO USE, COMPACT AND DISCREET WITH LARGE TRAPPING AREA: Designed so they can be located anywhere where moth damage could potentially occur. Carpet moths like being hidden in dark corners and under furniture, particularly along skirting boards, while you can also place these in wardrobes looped over hangers or on shelves and in drawers to protect against clothes moths. FAMILY AND PET SAFE: Ambush Pro traps are pesticide free, non-toxic and odourless meaning that you can place these anywhere around your property with total peace of mind.
Carpet and clothes moth Infestations are on the rise due to properties providing the perfect breeding ground for these pests. They can be active year round as our buildings are heated and insulated during colder months and they can have 6 or 7 life cycles in that time. They feed on natural fibres such as wool, silk and cotton, meaning that infestations can be a very costly issue. There are 2 species of moth that do the vast majority of this damage, the Case Bearing Moth (Tinea pellionella) and the Common Clothes/Webbing moth ( Tineola bisselliella). Our traps have been created to target these 2 species. Pheromone moth traps are best used as monitoring/prevention tools: Prevention is always better than a cure. By using our traps you will be greatly reducing your risk of an infestation and preventing any costly damage from ever happening. If an infestation is already prevalent then they are also effective for mass trapping but will be best used as part of the solution along with other measures, such as fumigation. Ambush Pro Carpet and Clothes moth traps have been designed to be compact and discreet but with a large trapping area. They can be placed around the edges of a room, especially in dark corners or behind/under under furniture where they can live without disruption and in wardrobes (on shelves and clothes hangers). Keep the traps away from draughts and moth repelling products to make sure they have their maximum effect. Our traps come in a pack of 7 that are individually sealed to ensure each one reaches you in perfect condition. Once opened and the protective paper is removed from the adhesive they are effective for up to 8 weeks or until full. Note: These moth traps will only attract adult males from the 2 target species. They will not attract the females, larvae or other species of moths , carpet beetles or other potential pests.
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Ambush Pro CARPET AND CLOTHES MOTH TRAPS. Toxin-Free, Sticky Pheromone Traps that attract and kill Carpet Moths and Clothes Moths. 7 Pack.: Garden & Outdoors
Ambush Pro CARPET AND CLOTHES MOTH TRAPS. Toxin-Free, Sticky Pheromone Traps that attract and kill Carpet Moths and Clothes Moths. 7 Pack.,Severn View Solutions
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